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Cameroon: Law No. 83-13 of 21 July 1983 Relating to the protection of disabled persons

Law No. 83-13 of 21 July 1983

Relating to the protection of disabled persons


Chapter one

General provisions

  1. Within the meaning of this law, any person who, having a physical or mental, congenital or accidental impairment has difficulty in performing the duties normally carried out by an able-bodied person shall be considered as a disabled person.
  2. The handicap shall be established by a doctor who shall issue a free attestation indicating the nature of the handicap and degree of disability.

3-      (1) Prevention and detection of handicaps, care, education, training, vocational guidance, employment, access to specialized sports or recreational activities for disabled children or adult shall constitute an obligation of the handicap of national solidarity.

(2) (a) The State, families, natural persons or corporate bodies shall combine their efforts to meet the obligations referred to in sub-section 1 above.

(b) They shall, as far as possible, whenever their aptitudes and their home environment permit, provide disabled persons access to institutions open to the public as well as their integration and maintenance in a normal work and social environment.

  1. A disability card shall be instituted for disabled persons under conditions to be fixed by this decree.

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